On October 20th, New York Legal Hackers and the Brooklyn Law School Legal Hackers hosted a node of the Open Media Legal Hack, a collaboration between Legal Hackers and the MIT Open Media Lab. Participants convened at The Bushwick Generator to explore and develop creative solutions for the ownership, control, and exchange of property rights to data and other digital content to empower creators in the music and media industry context.

Jonathan Askin (Professor, Brooklyn Law School), Dazza Greenwood (Scientist, MIT Media Lab), Anjlee Khurana (Legal Engineer, Monax), and Jesse Kirshbaum (Founder of The Nue Agency) spoke on how Music Modernization Act of 2018 will impact the music industry and to inspire the hackers’ projects. Projects from all of the Open Media Legal Hack nodes will be posted here.

On July 17, 2018, New York Legal Hackers convened to participate in our sixth legal tech demo night at Blue Ridge Labs. The presenters were:

Upsolve: helps users through the bankruptcy process without expensive attorney fees.

Good Call: a tool that helps connect persons who have been arrested to a public defender based on their location.

Paladin: connects attorneys to worthwhile pro bono projects.

Community Lawyer: automates routine, non-specialized legal work to help lawyers work faster.

daisydebt: helps debtors protect themselves from predatory collection agencies by providing easy tools to fight legal action.

Video of the demo night is below (courtesy of Joly MacFie at ISOC NY).